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Bel Portugal

Bel Portugal


1 Trophées

1 Trophées

Good Dairy Commendation (2016) Vaches d’Or Mention d’Honneur

Année: 2016
Région: Portugal
Catégorie: Lait liquide

Statut: Politique actuelle

“Being awarded the Good Dairy Commendation has shown us that we are on right path. We are so very proud of it. Our Happy Cows Milk Programme was born from our desire to contribute to more sustainable dairy production. This programme is about doing things well (creating value throughout the milk production chain), contributing to both social and environmental sustainability, differentiating Azorean milk, improving animal welfare and delivering more nutritious milk to our consumers, which is closely linked with free grazing and good standards of animal welfare. We would like to dedicate this award to our Azorean farmers, who produce free grazing milk every day through all their hard work.”

Eduardo Vasconcelos, Bel Portugal, Milk Supply Director

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