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Études de Cas

Cette section contient des études de cas techniques, marketing et de partenariats qui présentent de bonnes pratiques dans le domaine du bien-être animal, ainsi que différentes manières de mettre en œuvre et de communiquer sur celles-ci.


Autogrill Italy recognised for a Good Egg Award

Autogrill Italy has been recognised for their fantastic commitment to move to 100% barn eggs by the end of 2009 in its home country Italy.

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Bonn University's ethical food policies (German)

Bonn University recognised for ethical food policies. Please note – This video is in German.

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Cocorette - Good Egg Award winner

Cocorette has been awarded a Good Egg Award from Compassion in World Farming for their ethical policies towards egg production.

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Winchester wins Good Egg and Good Chicken Award

An inspirational effort by Winchester University for winning a Good Egg and Good Chicken Award from Compassion in World Farming in 2010.

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real,- hypermarket's cage free eggs commitment

An award video highlighting the fantastic work that real,- Hypermarket have done to improve the lives of laying hens and broiler chickens raised in the supply chain.

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Partnerships in Action: Compass Group

Compass group is a world-leading FTSE 100 food service organisation that provides catering at over 7,000 client sites in the UK. Clients span numerous sectors including business…

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Royal Brompton Hospital - Good Egg Award winner

Food is a vital part of patients’ recovery and they need the best quality food. People say to me that giving people organic and locally grown food will be far too expensive. In…

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Garrets: Making Waves

Garrets International are a London based Marine contract catering company servicing over 500 vessels in their fleet across the world. They currently supply more than 7.5 million…

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